Low-Cost Airlines: Are They Really Saving You Money?

Airtran Airways, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines; these names stand out among some of the world’s most popular and well-known “Low-Cost Airlines.” But what qualifies these airlines as “Low Cost”?

A budget airline, also called a low-cost carrier, is a flight carrier that seeks to provide flight service at a low cost, sometimes undercutting traditional airlines by more than 50%. Listed below are some Pros and Cons of traveling with a low-cost airline.

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Flying While Fat

I’m a worrier by nature. I worry about a lot of things for a lot of different reasons. In an effort to control my worrying, I plan. I often plan and develop strategies to deal with stressful situations that may (or may not) pop up. Or I may plan in order to prevent stressful situations from arising. Either way, it’s all about managing my anxiety levels.

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