Questions. We’ve all got ’em. On this page, we’ll try to answer some of the most common.

Why should I use a travel agent?

In the age of online booking tools, one might be tempted to wonder why you would ever need a travel agent. But researching travel options on the Internet is time consuming, not to mention tiring and sometimes frustrating. When you work with a travel agent, she does all of the leg work for you, handling every aspect of your travel, freeing up your time and leaving you plenty of mind space to daydream about drinking fruity cocktails on the beach.

Travel agents are not only research fanatics. They are industry professionals that possess a wealth of knowledge on the best resorts, the coolest excursions or the most exciting tours that meet your travel preferences and budget. Do you know how many online reviews you’d have to read to figure that out on your own?

Not only can travel agents save you time and preserve your sanity, they may also be able to save you money. Travel agents have access to supplier promotions, deals and perks that may not be available to the general public. You might be able to score a great deal on a cruise or a vacation package. Who doesn’t love saving money?

In addition, travel agents are more than just order takers. They are trusted advisors and planning partners with the contacts and expertise to create a vacation experience that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences, needs and budget, leaving you free to focus on important matters like creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Will using a travel agent cost me anything?

Our desire is to use our knowledge, expertise and connections to design detailed and highly personalized itineraries that are on budget and on point. Having a fee structure helps us fulfill this goal by allowing us to focus on finding the vacation product that best meets your needs, preferences and budget and not the one that pays the highest commissions.

Not only does paying a fee ensure that a travel advisor works to find the best options for your trip, it also saves you time and money. Americans spend 22.95 hours researching a vacation . Multiply that by the average hourly wage of $26.39, and it’s evident that you receive a tremendous value from our planning fees.

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