The hubs and I with Mayan ball players at Kun Che in Cozumel.

Follow your passion. The rest will attend to itself.

J. Michael Straczynski

Hi, I’m Angela!

Thank you for stopping by and for taking an interest in ADR Vacations. By perusing this site, I hope you’ll find that we both share a love of all things travel.

I’ve always had a passion for traveling. Learning new customs and traditions, meeting new people, and seeing new things make my soul happy.

My journey to ADR Vacations began with my family cruises. I was the one that did all the planning. I’d do the research, coordinate, answer questions, and prep the group. I’d give them packing tips and cruise fashion. Between my love for traveling and my natural knack for planning, I was in my element.

And then, one year, a family member asked me, “Angela, do you think you’d want to be a travel agent?” And the funny thing is, the idea had never crossed my mind. But after giving it some serious thought, I realized that I would love to plan fabulous vacations on a larger scale!

And just like that… ADR Vacations was born. ADR Vacations is a CLIA-accredited full-service travel agency that helps travelers fulfill their dreams of incredible cruise vacations, and unbelievable all-inclusive resort stays.

It’s my mission to take on every aspect of your vacation planning so that all you have to do is pack your bags and show up.

I want all of my clients to sound just like Kimberley:

“We just showed up, packed and in full vacation mode, and had a wonderful time!!!!”

If you’re looking for assistance organizing your family or friend group, large or small, you can count on ADR Vacations to:

  • Listen carefully to your desires for your vacation and plan a vacation that exceeds your expectations in every way possible.
  • Provide exceptional value for your money so you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation without stressing about breaking the bank.
  • Fill your getaway with upscale accommodations and authentic experiences.

You can start planning your next journey by requesting a quote.

Ready for your next adventure?

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