7 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Don’t compromise on your safety… Make sure you’ve read this article before you set out to travel all alone.

Solo travel has gathered a lot of pull worldwide in the past couple of years…

Did you know that since 2016 there’s been a 131% growth in the Google searches for ‘solo travel’?

And, also, about 11% of the world travel market consists of solo travelers with the majority of them being women.

Well, there’s not an iota of doubt that travelling alone has its exclusive charm…

Away from people, solo travel feels like journeying towards finding yourself.

But, there are some downsides to traveling alone as well.

And, above all is lack of safety!

Read through the SEVEN tips below to make sure you’re safe while you enjoy your time globetrotting on your own.

1) Research Your Destination in Advance

Remember the case of the English girl who posed naked on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia and got arrested on obscenity charges?

The thing is, not every place on earth is exactly the same as your hometown.

There are hundreds of different cultures, traditions and customs across the world and it’s necessary that you do the homework and study your destination well in advance.

Get familiar with their criminal laws and general customs regarding clothing, foods, etc.

Also, doing some extra research on the crime rate, harassment and tourist stories will help you prepare better for your tour.

2) Keep In Touch With Your Family & Friends

Many people post their travel pictures on their social media profiles which is a very good idea…

So, whether you do it to show off or just show, the point is that your acquaintances must know where you are and what the current status of your travel is.

Also, trust your family and close friends with your itinerary details and whereabouts if possible.

Someone close to you should always know your travel plans just in case you lost your way, or worst-case scenario: went missing.

3) Put Your Money In Different Places

Putting all your valuables in one place is a foolish thing to do particularly when on the road.

Keep your credit cards, cash and travel documents all in separate places.

Like, distribute the money between your wallet, purse and pockets while only carrying a copy of your passport when sightseeing and keeping the real thing back in the hotel safe.

4) Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Nowadays choosing a safe and reliable accommodation when on tour is easier than ever before with all the online reviews and ratings just a click away.

See the Google reviews for the hotel you’re interested in booking a room in…

Get a room close to the elevator, and somewhere in close proximity to activity.

And, check on the windows and doors of your hotel room twice before you go to sleep.

5) Get Travel Insurance

That’s a no-brainer particularly if you have invested lots of money in your trip.

Travel insurance will always keep your mind at peace because you’ll know if you ever had to cut your trip short for any reason you’ll be reimbursed.

Also, with the insurance your medical needs in case of an emergency will be taken care of well.

6) Be Wary of Getting Drunk

Cannot stress this enough.

It’s a super bad thought to get drunk in a place where you’re just a nobody and at the mercy of those who you know nothing about.

So, keep your alcohol consumption in check when travelling alone.

Of course, it’s best NOT to drink at all while touring solo but if you can’t be a teetotaler at least drink within a limit and always when it’s safe to take a shot!

7) Follow Your Gut Feelings Always

Finally, traveling alone you’ll not have others to discuss things with and many times you’ll just want to turn to your gut for guidance.

Gut feelings are not random thoughts. In fact, they’re signals from a higher power – the sixth sense, the vibes…

So, when confused or uncertain listen to your gut rather than using logic.

Sometimes logic has to take second place, especially when you’re all by yourself miles away from your home and your gut is warning you of danger.

In such a time, follow your gut!

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